Unsecured loan: how and where to do it?

Getting a loan without proof of income is quite common nowadays. This is because many people can not prove their incomes or because they are negative.

As the risk of this operation is greater because of the lack of proof of payments, interest rates tend to be higher. That is, nothing prevents a person from taking a loan without proof of income, but he needs to be aware that the value of the installments will be much greater.

Therefore, it is essential that the claimant pay close attention before hiring, since there are numerous options for that category. In addition, you also have to be careful about fraud and scams.

Some documents are necessary for the acquisition of credit in any financial institution, such as the RG and CPF, and a contract between the client and the financial institution is obligatory.

Options for an Unsupported Loan

There are several credit options for those who can not prove their income.

There are several options for those who want to make a loan without proof of income, such as the use of vehicle or real estate guarantees and the use of microcredit, for example.

So, before choosing which is the best type for each profile, the requester needs to know everything that involves each of these categories.

Warranty (vehicles or real estate)

One of the existing categories for loans without proof of income is the use of collateral. These can be made with the use of goods, such as vehicles or real estate.

Making use of collateral can be a good option, as interest is usually lower and the payment term is longer. However, the amount of credit provided by financial institutions is usually at most 70% of the value of the good that was used as collateral.

When this property is a property, the payment term can reach 360 months (incredible 30 years).

However, it is important to remember that if the loan is not paid, the applicant will be left without their good. That is, it is crucial that this option is only considered if there is a good planning for debt settlement.

Most financial institutions provide collateralised loans, since the risk of default is very low, since a property or a vehicle was previously left as collateral.

A loan similar to this is the “pledge”, where the applicant leaves a jewel as guarantee of payment of the credit once granted.


Going for a loan with a guarantor can be a great option for those who can not prove their income.

A guarantor may be a person close to the applicant who intends to assist you during the process of hiring credit, for example the child, a parent, grandparents or spouse.

The task of a guarantor is to provide his or her income proof as well as collateral so that the applicant can obtain a loan.

Guarantors can be equated with guarantors when it comes to renting real estate. That is, regardless of who is securing the loan, the applicant will receive all the money in their own checking account.

Online Loans

Online Loans

There are some companies that provide loans without proof of income online.

This is a quick and practical way to obtain credit, but it may not be very advantageous if the applicant does not research the company well, as it may not use a bank or financial institution that is regularized with the Central Bank and request early deposits, which is illegal.

In addition, by not having any type of collateral, this type of loan is made with higher interest rates.



Financial institutions usually charge high interest rates while the value they release is relatively low.

However, this option is quite valid for those who need the money urgently and did not get a loan in the previous categories.

The documents required to make a loan at a financial institution are RG, CPF and proof of residence. Upon presentation of these, the institution conducts a credit analysis in order to grant the loan in question.



Microcredit is granted to microentrepreneurs who wish to invest in their businesses. In this category of loans, there is no need for proof of income. However, the small business owner needs to state where and how the money in question will be used in your company.

Throughout the duration of the loan, the microentrepreneur has the assistance of a microcredit agent to help propel the company in question.

Renegotiating debt can be a way?

Renegotiating debt can be better than getting loan to pay it.

Several people opt for a loan in order to pay off other existing debt. However, sometimes renegotiating a debt can be a simpler way. Before hiring a new loan for this purpose, check out the opportunity for debt renegotiation.

This renegotiation can be done either directly or through intermediaries. Often, having a debt taken out is much more advantageous for the institution that was harmed than dealing with defaults. With this, rates and smaller installments can be negotiated.

Beware of the loan

You need to be very careful before hiring a loan.

The first thing that a person who wants to take a loan without proof of income needs to do is to research. This will cause institutions not linked to the Central Bank are not even considered. FinTechs are generally financial correspondents duly registered with the Central Bank.

In addition, it is of the utmost importance that interest rates be compared among existing companies. This makes it easier to get lower rates.

Some fraudulent companies apply scams by asking for deposit advances and extra fees, for example. NEVER MAKE ANY PAYMENT OR ANTICIPATED DEPOSIT!

So it is important to check all the requirements before hiring this type of service. It is also essential that the applicant read the entire contract carefully enough not to come across surprises in the future.

How do Rebel loans work?

The process of approving Rebel’s credit requires proof of the user’s income in order to offer a loan with better interest rates. That way it is advisable to apply for a Rebel loan only if you are employed and can prove your income.

Did you already know how to get a loan without proof of income? Do you have any questions or would you like to know more about it? Leave your comment below and continue to follow our publications.

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